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Triumph 3sw wheel drawings

Bart Plimsole

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1 hour ago, jenkinov said:

Hi Bart

I am not aware of any photos but can supply photos and measurements if that helps ...if you have the hubs I would suggest getting the wheels rebuilt is the best route

Jenkinov .

Thanks Jenkinov,

I only have the hubs, (i.e. no rims or spokes) so the wheel builder has nothing to measure in terms of offset and spoke pattern on which to base the rebuild.

If you have any pictures with measurement that would be appreciated.

I'll check out ebay.



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This is the wheel in Greece. The pictures are good enough to see the spoke pattern and type of spoke. Better than photographing mine which are in the bikes, which also means I can't measure the offsets.  I'll check later but I guess they are WM2 rims. The front should be easy as it sits in the middle of the forks, so the wheel builder can work that out. Sometimes it's easier to align the rear wheel in the frame so that the center of the rim lines up with the spine (tank tube).

Chris Willis might be the guy to talk to (He's into military bikes himself) http://www.williswheels.co.uk/

Good luck  Ron


s-l1600 (1).jpg


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Hi Andy,
I rebuilt my wheels using spokes from CWC (warren@central-wheel.co.uk).
I left the rims old.
The dimensions of the spokes are given below (chrom & nickel for civilian version):

FRONT WHEEL galvanised  spokes   G= 10 Gauge of spoke = 3,2 mm

- lenght   7 ½” = 190,5 mm, Angle 78 degree        -10 pcs

- lenght   7 ½” = 190,5 mm, Angle 99 degree        -10 pcs

- lenght   8 7/8” =  225,4 mm, Angle 78 degree    -10 pcs

- lenght    8 7/8” = 225,4 mm, Angle 99 degree    -10 pcs

- Nipples  nickel plated brass    Barrel = 0,300”  G= 10 Gauge -40pcs 

REAR WHEEL galvanized spokes   G=9 Gauge of spoke = 3,6 mm.

- lenght  8 ¾” = 222,25 mm, Angle  76 degree      -10 pcs

- lenght  8 ¾” = 222,25 mm, Angle 100 degree     -10 pcs

- lenght  9” = 228,6 mm, Angle 76 degree              -10  pcs 

- lenght  9” = 228,6 mm, Angle 100 degree            -10 pcs

- Nipples nickel plated brass  Barrel = 0,300”   G= 9 Gauge  -40 pcs


The offset will come out by themselves. First, set the rear hub so that the rear sprocket and sprocket (gearbox) are in one plane. And the rim should be in the axis of the frame.

Best regards






Wheel Components dimentions.jpg

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I would never use galvanised spokes, paint will fall of in a year or so, dip them in battery acid, wait 2-3 minutes, when the acid stops bubbling, and they will be bare steel, much better, watch out for the fumes, and rinse with lots of warm water, then dry.



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You're right Lex.
These are galvanized spokes and nickel nipples to the civilian version.

For the military version I painted the sandblasted spokes and nipples  like in the photos. 

Best regards 


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