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Hi all, I will be starting the restoration of a Russian BDRM2 soon. I am hoping to obtain as much information as I possibly can, firstly I would like to have a manual for the engine which is a GAZ-41. Does anyone on this forum have manuals for this engine, happy to pay for them if required


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I have a BRDM-2 as well, and this one is pretty good and cheap:

Depending on how good your German is, you can also look at getting the East German manuals (Look for the SPW-40P2, that's the East German designation for the BRDM-2).. I also have a Soviet/Russian parts catalog, but that is 580 MB so a bit hard to transfer..

The engine is pretty similar to the GAZ-66 engine, and some GAZ-66 parts will fit such as the water pump and some of the gaskets.. 

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