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New member with a classic Mini


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A friend of mine has told me to try this site to find out some information on my classic mini.

Its a 1983 black mini city e, 48,000 miles,  i have been told the plate which is rivited under the drivers seat is a military plate.

Does anyone know what these letters and numbers mean? would be great to find out any info.

The mini was built in 1983 but not registered on the road until 1987, maybe it was used on a base for something.

Its in very original condition, is original paint and has never had a panel replaced, no signs of welding anywhere.

Kind regards


How do i insert a picture?

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From approx.  1979 / 1980  -  a civilian Mini would have a  14 digit  VIN plate ,after this a 17 digit VIN plate (just like any vehicle).  Often black anodized.   A common place with various manufacturers was under the drivers seat , often under a hinged piece of carpet .

1983 ,  late ,  to late from me .  My first car was a used 1962/3  Morris Mini Minor,  then a Ex-polis grey mini-van (I think that was Morris) then I went up in the world with a  de-luxe  (a 2" instrument either side of Speedo head clock)  - IIRC that was termed a  Austin 7  LoL

           The Austin was up-rated to abt.  Cooper spec. with a re-worked cylinder head but the boot lid was  "regulated"  to  Cooper  S



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Neil the official designation is Car, Saloon, Grade 5, 4x2, Morris Mini.

Vehicle/Asset Code 1135-0640 defines the vehicle type exactly.

I don't have any details of the FVE 22A/130  Contract, I only have details of the contracts up to Sept 1974.

These were WV 225, WV 4054, WV 7866, WV 9530 all of these had several Warrants. The last one WV 9530 did specify Warrant Nos BL(AM) 570, 644, 879.

I don't know if (AM) relates to Air Ministry Contracts, in which case the RAF Ref No 16A/2539 & 16A/2817 applies.

Are there any markings that might identify the ERM (Equipment Registration Mark) ie military registration which would be 2 digits + 2 letters + 2 digits. If there is no official plate showing that sometimes a cushion or something had some basic ID scribbled on.


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48 minutes ago, John F said:

You can make a Freedom of Information request to the RAF to get information about your Mini, see https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/select_authority

There's an example FOI response for someone enquiring about a Land Rover here: 

AFAIK  -  you just have to ask the RAF Museum , no need for a formal FOI  (like with Army Vehicle)  and RN would be a real problem in any case as they re-cycle the  VRM.   IIRC  -  does not this RAF Museum person who does the search attend this forum in his civvy hat  ?

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