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  1. this is amazing, i really like the less often seen things like this. Top work. That filter you made.... wow!
  2. you are quoting yourself (which also seems to be a reccuring thing which makes your posts quite hard to follow) so its hard to know who you are aiming that comment at. BUT, i didn't say anything about remembering the tanks, that was another member of the forum posting in this thread (terryB) I personally think the common was used for all sorts of military uses, lots of areas were in WW2 and immediately after, and with it so near to the longcross test grounds etc it would seem utterly logical that it was used continuously for many years. I dont buy into the conspiracy theory though that its being deliberately covered up, its just been forgotten. Stoke park in guildford was a large defended area, tank ditches, spigot mortars, dragons teeth, flame fougasse the lot - 90% of it is gone as time has moved on. The massive air raid shelter under the car park up the road in guildford is kept firmly locked by the council, and visitors arent allowed - not a conspiracy, its in dangerous and unstable condition. the sports centre at guildford college was the sub regional HQ in the cold war and no trace exists apart from a basement with very thick walls, its just been forgotten about and time has moved on. Same with the cold war fall out shelter under the council offices in woking. same with 'montys hideout' under reigate hill. I jsut dont buy into the deliberate government conspiracy, sorry.
  3. I didn’t say the aerial photos. I only referred to the hand drawn illustrations.
  4. Yeah a hand drawn picture with coordinates printed on it still isn’t evidence of anything tbh.
  5. Could a previous civilian owner have swapped it out for some reason? that of course, is assuming that you haven’t owned it since day one of it leaving the army
  6. The drawings are very pretty but aren’t actual ‘evidence’ the gate isn’t evidence either. The common was used by the army for training up until the early 2000’s and there is the longcross barracks (still there but abandoned) near what was the longcross camp and test ground other side of the motorway. Connected to it by an under pass. there was a number of these gates off the roads that cross the common and invariably used for access to the common by land management agents or the military. I had a crash on staple hill road circa 2002/3, late at night bombing along on my way back from work (I worked in Sunningdale and lived in Woking) and I came across a column of soldiers on a night hike crossing the road just before the staple hill car park - I was travelling in the direction of chertsey. On with the anchors and I ended up in the scrub, thankfully no one hurt. that incident was here https://goo.gl/maps/pgzfCfTMd9aqU8nt8 They were crossing at that gate. Which was open. I presume they had come all the way from the other side of the motorway through the underpass.
  7. this is very much like the buried tanks thread. No real evidence to be honest, just hearsay and conjecture etc.
  8. Chobham common is on the Sandy bagshot formation - a highly acidic acid Heath soil. Hence the litmus paper change.
  9. Looks like a concrete block maybe? what a fascinating vehicle
  10. I feel this thread isn’t going to go anywhere tbh. It just doesn’t add up to me.
  11. A freedom of information is not asking someone their opinions. You would be asking for copies of all correspondence and copies of the scans etc. It wouldn’t be freshly written letters, but copies of any documents and reports relating to the site in Question.
  12. That first plate is a standard British leyland car vin plate. 2nd is a military plate. I don’t know what those numbers relate to though sorry
  13. Do an FoI to get the copies of the scans that have been done. Then publish it here in full.
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