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Triumph TRW Mk3 1964 - M.P. Use?

Robert Young

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Hello Everyone,

I would appreciate input regarding how to determine if my bike was used by the military police .

I have the vehicle data card which shows its movements:

Pro Unit RMP BAOR on 21/7/67 then to 17 RVD BOAR on 21/11/68.

It then went to ORD depot Belgium BOAR on 16/3/70 

Then to 1 (BR) corps VEH coy BOAR on 10/3/75.

It appears to have been taken out of service on 31/7/75 described by transaction S/O VVA

(whatever that stands for) None of this seems to suggest it was used as a M.P. bike, it does

however have M.P. in red on a white background on the tip of the front mudguard.

I don't believe the bike has been restored & is in very original order. The only other thing that

makes me think it was used by the M.P. , is the fitment of a handlebar switch going through a relay

in the headlamp but not connected to the lights?

Sorry for all the detail but I'm hoping it assists.

Regards Rob

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Thanks for your reply

That makes sense, the wires were routed into the handlebars but not connected to anything!

I'll perhaps re-install one day.

My bike is also slow & running very rich but the solex carb doesn't have a needle for height

adjustment so I will have to do some research to find out how to weaken the mixture.

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