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  1. thankyou , i may use them on a trials car i have planned , will see
  2. yes but different tyres , the say "dunlop hand cart" on them and the wheel centre is a large cap type nut . will take some pics maybe tomo
  3. any information on these would be helpful , i think they where for the military , size 2.75 by 21 .
  4. spot fog light unknown , any ideas welcome , its about 8 inch across but who made it ?
  5. send me your email , i have some information which may help you understand the solex carb .
  6. is the relay for convoy lights ? some times fitted to the end of the handle bars (they look like indicators) you have the latter trw with twin coils under the tank and points where the mag sat , i had the same bike and it was very good but a bit slow .
  7. i would be interested but only in a military velocette model if you have one for sale . thanks
  8. nice condition complete , 400 , tel 07400600584
  9. told these are military type @ 1941 . no longer required as i have my girders back , nice condition for sale 400 . call 07400600584
  10. i have what i think are matchless tele front forks (tele type) is there any way i can id them as military ones or where the civi and military the same thanks
  11. some big old taps and dies in boxes , maybe of use but not for my motorcycles , heavy collection only , email for pics aroomwithaview@tiscali.co.uk
  12. i think i may have one can you send email and i will take a pic , my email is aroomwithaview@tiscali.co.uk .
  13. will keep looking , may take a while . thanks
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