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Dear readers,

We are newbies to this and would like a little advice  on something we have.

We discovered a box of brake shoes in me Dad's garage , amongst many  other things. Dad told us many  years ago  that he bought them in a WW1 sell-off event in the late 1940's .

We have no idea what they are off, and nobody has been able to help us so far. Here are the details and we would appreciate any suggestions  and help.

There are 3 different names;- FERRODO, CAPASCO AND DURON

There are 2 sizes;-  11' by 2 and  five sixteenths wide   and 5 and three quarters inches long by 2 and a quarter wide

There are 2 types = bonded and most are riveted.

We are open to sell them to anybody who might be able to use them . We would love to think that would be possible after all these years- put to good use.

Look forward to  hearing from you. Cheers  TONY AND ALAN





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Tony, Alan, given the age, all these brake shoes will contain asbestos, and in fact one of the linings in your photos says as much. It's no longer legal to supply, possess for supply, or fit asbestos containing materials to vehicles; so these should really be disposed of as asbestos waste.

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If fitted prior to 1970 vehicle and given away i think it's not an issue. What a private guy does in his shed is down to them but a commercial company can't fit them. To find proper Asbestos linings for something like this is fantastic, wish i had a wagon to use them on, at least the brakes would work! 

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