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Repainting a series 3


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I have a 1978 LR series 3 CL SWB.

According to the records it should be matt finish.

However just wondering if there was a precedent for repainting in Brunswick Green?

I have a suspicion that it may have been painted in it previously due to finding some traces  of DBG. 

The records indicate a history with Royal Signals Headquarter squadrons in Sheffield and Glasgow but no sign of any Radio gear fitted, which leads me to speculate that it may have been an "Office Runabout" rather than operational.


Landrover S3.jpg

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Having seen these coming through workshops in 70's and 80's, I am sure that being CL and for non-tactical use, that a lot were supplied in gloss Deep Bronze Green (not Brunswick) and they would not have had radio equipment fitted either (nut there is always an exception I guess!).

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I have  07GN11    CL  88"   ,  DIS  Jan. 1978  -  it was DBG when new.   It could have been NATO Green  factory finish  from abt. mid. 1978.

Look in the dark hidden recesses - you should easy find the original factory finish.  Lift seating out of way , look under dash from footwells , under bonnet around fresh-air heater.

Royal Signals 88"  CL  - probably just had a commercial PYE or possibly a Storno set ,  look behind seats on tub capping - you should find holes drilled for small-arms clips,  other holes for bracketry for securing radio rx/tx.

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