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Where do I start regarding history and registration?

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Hi chaps,

I am unsure of where to start will a newly acquired WW2 vehicle.

The vehicle isn’t registered on the DVLA database so has no V5.

I have the reg number and chassis number (which is only 5 numbers, so not sure), and a small plate riveted to the side of the passenger seat (5 numbers).

Naturally, I’d like to get this on the road eventually but regarding registration, not sure what info I’ll need.


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Your right, if he knew he would have told you.

Any chance of him giving you a previous owners name so you can try to piece together some history?

I had a lucky break with my Commer tracking down a previous owner from many years back, they then shed light of a previous owner to them so I had a good lot of research potential.

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Curious . Without a V5 how can you be confident that the individual selling the vehicle has the legal right to do so ..?. . I have seen situations where vehicles have been claimed years after by previous owners or their families when they argue correct title has not been transferred. . In one instance i saw an item reported stolen years after . The vehicle had been sold multiple times and had different registration numbers .. But the police simply seized the vehicle returned it to a individual who had a recorded V5 .......

Please be careful . 

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I’m curious too because you have to have more than a log book to claim ownership.

it clearly says on every log book ‘this log book is not proof of ownership’.

Ive bought many trailers before without proof of ownership but they don’t have a log book.

The problem is that if the seller has proof that he has bought it in good faith as an unregistered vehicle and the previous seller has done the same, you will never know who has sold it illegally.

If I cant find any history, then I definitely won’t find anyone over the years who has sold it under false pretences.

If it has been abandoned (photo evidence that it had) and rebuilt, it will not have been registered with DVLA.

However, before arrangements for collection, I will ascertain previous ownership to the seller, which your advice has prompted me to do more so.

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