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Best way of braking/setting off in traffic in an FV432?


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Hi everyone - I had a query on dealing with slow traffic, stopping and starting - should I:
  1. Stop in 3-4 range, leave it in that while stopped, then start off in 3-4 range;
  2. Stop in 3-4 range, go down to 1-2, then start off in 1-2 range;
  3. Stop in 3-4 range, go into neutral while waiting, then back to 1-2 range just before moving off?

Option 1 "feels" better driving-wise, as it jerks when I move into 1-2 while stopped, but let me know what's the best way to do it for the engine/gears/tracks!

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I am surprised that nobody has come back to you on this.  I do not profess to be an expert on the 430 range but others on the forum are.  It is interesting that in my experience British Military User Hand Books are usually very unhelpful in this regard.   it is a very useful piece of information to know.  So on a Scammell Crusader, it would be useful to know to pull away, running on the flat and not heavily laden in second or third gear (from memory) and certainly not first or crawler.  For that vehicle, it would also be useful to know that when changing up going down a modest gradient, go up two gears at at time or you will 'miss them'.   The manuals say nothing on this, nevertheless, it is essential that you have the UHB for your vehicle.

The gear box is an automatic with oil cooling.  I would go for option 1 and leave it in the 3-4 range unless manouevring  or going up or down a steep slope where you need the control.

As I implied, others on the forum may be able to be more definite.



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I would strongly suggest that you drive in 3-6 on the road or on reasonably easy cross country work. There is no need to select N or any other position if just stopped at a junction as this is a fully auto transmission with a torque converter and no wear or over heating will occur doing this.

3-5 and 3-4 are there to give you more engine braking downhill (don't use the brakes for this as they can grab viciously if used gently for more than about twenty seconds without releasing to let the oil get between the drums and the brake bands. This results in a sudden and unexpected turn that you will not be able to control.)

1-2 is there to give you very low speed control and pulling power for climbing difficult obstacles and loading onto trucks. It will not help with roadwork as starting in 3 gives plenty of acceleration and the ability to turn on a hard surface.


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seconded-just leave it in high range for normal road use.Essential you check your steering box oil-make sure it up to level and oil is clear and does not smell burnt. Tillers need to be even when pulled back together, and set up correctly. Poor little steering box does a lot of work!


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