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Can I fit a Bedford 500 engine to an MK/MJ?



Hi All

I’ve a Bedford MK without an engine. Give the dearth of 330’s (they all seem to have been exported), I was wondering how difficult it would be to fit a 500 cu in non-turbo engine. I’m aware there was a version offered alongside the 330 engine, but can’t find any information about it.

Would anyone know if it would be a straight swap (I’m guessing not given it’s much bigger size) & whether it had to be mated to a 5 speed Turner box or could be fitted to the existing 4 speed box (again guessing the torque might be too high &/or the bell housing different).

Sorry for asking such naive questions, but I’m pretty new to this & would appreciate any advice or pointers to more info

Many thanks


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I would guess a 500 could be shoehorned in, but it is a fairly tall engine and front diff clearance may be a problem. Bedford did have a TK or KM I cannot remember witch with two 330's side by side on test.  Given the problems getting parts for any Bedford engine why not look at a B series Cummins non electronic, give one's with 53 on the lower front left corner of the block a miss.  there are a range of gearbox's you could then fit. It would be better on fuel as well.

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