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Lightweight Scam.


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I can see it’s obviously some sort of scam but I can’t figure out how? Do they ask for a securing deposit? The seller had good feed back going back years. Do they really go to this level of preparation and effort? Or have the scammers hacked a genuine account and added their own details. 

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I purchased the LRO  Issue 4  ,  April this year for the 'feature'  ,  first LRO I have purchased for many years - reading it was ludicrous and made me squirm, I didn't bother reading the other pages.  The £30K  is a bit optimistic.  

It was in service 'winterized'  ,  the owner said he had the windscreen and side-screen demister nozzels but had not got around to fitting them.  Other than the heat-exchanger , there are just a few oddments of it's past history extant.   I suppose as 12 volt - it may have had a TUUAM box on the wing - more like glitter.  

The white paint overall ,  glam. blow-job has a very Waltish appeal to some I suppose.    Actually - as far as I am able to establish , normally it would be 2/3 NATO Green  1/3rd matt black , entering a tree-line or rocks with snow , then the 2/3 NATO Green would be 1/2 painted with arctic white matt  EMULSION  , then entering full snow conditions - all external parts would be coated with the EMULSION.

Be that as it may,  it would take quite a few  £££ to fully winterize as it should be , preferably without the white paint or emulsion.   In the mag. the owner describes -  QUOTE  -  We gave the chassis  20 coats of agricultural machinery paint to protect it.

Certainly  IMHO  ,  any LWT that anyone paying half this asking price would automatically obtain a engineers report in respect of considerations as a 88" basic utility .   Apparently prior to resto.  it changed hands for  £2700  , that says it all for the raw material.

                 I cant understand why this LWT has been punted for most of this year at £30K asking ,  it is not obtainable .  It may in a way be related to the supposed Ebay SCAM  ,  possibly if £7000 is taken - then there is no SCAM - as the buyer will get what he has purchased . .   My 'desktop'  valuation would be well under  £10K as/is , actually nearer  £5K.   The LWT presently on a thread about Cheffins auction(s)  , regardless of it's condition & final bid price it achieves will be a far better vehicle  for £ spent  IMHO.

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