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Do you need category D as well as H?

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I assume the answer is "no" but I emailed DVLA and they never bothered to respond or didn't know the answer.

If an FV432 has 9 seats then do you just need a category H licence to drive it or do you need to also have category D (people carrier i.e. bus) licence too?

Given that learning to drive a large bus with a steering wheel would have no practical use whatsoever for driving a compact tracked vehicle with levers I assume the answer is "no" but I know logic and the law don't always see eye to eye so I thought I would ask on here and see if anyone knows the answer, thanks!

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Thinking aloud,

D1 minibus licence covers vehicles with 9-16 seats and there is no stipulation that it has to have wheels or tracks.  So long as you are over 21 and passengers are not carried for hire or reward a D1 is not required but there is a stumbling block in that the vehicle must weigh under 3.5 tons or slightly more if fitted with aids for the disabled.

12 seat Landrovers were often converted to non minibuses simply by removing the cushions from the rear side mounted seats, would it be possible in the case of a 432?

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