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Ferret gearbox adjusters



First gear is slipping badly.  Otherwise the gearbox seems to be working as it should.  The forward-reverse selector can be fairly easy or very hard to actuate at times and if I miss that shift I have to stop the motor, but I gather this last bit is totally normal.

I've spent time reading various manuals and I think I now understand how to make and use the busbar setting gauge.  I'm perplexed that my stop-screw settings don't look like any of the others I've seen pictured and I'm not sure how those are supposed to be adjusted?  Is there a gauge for these as well or will that sort itself once I get the height adjusted?   I suspect there must be some sort of gauge as I saw a drawing for a perplexingly complex Australian busbar setting gauge that might have provisions for measuring that spacing.  In any case, it would be nice to know how to proceed since first slips and while the stop screw does make contact with the adjuster ring I don't think it has enough stroke to do it's job.

I also have a question regarding the brakes.  I am accustomed to non-servo drum brake situations but this one is bothering me.  I had to overhaul the complete system as pistons were all stuck and lines all rotted, now I have firm high pedal if I leave it overnight or haven't travelled far or fast, but if I get even a little speed or distance there is considerable pedal travel before they get firm.  In adjusting the brakes I can tell none of the drums are perfectly round and wonder if this might not be the cause but am very much open to other suggestions.

Thanks for your patience with a novice Ferret owner.



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I made up a FV55522-ish fixture and had at it.  Some of the "X" measurements were off by a good 1/4"!

I dialed them all in to within .005" of what was listed on the one document I found but by the time I selected all the gears a couple times it seemed like there was something on the order of .020" of variation depending on what gear was last applied.  Sitll an order of magnitude closer to book spec.

Of course I also notice that the desired busbar height changed at some point.  In the 1968 guide I have 2nd gear is supposed to be 7.05" but in this (later?) guide it's listed as 7.125".  Other gears are changed as well.

My hunch is that the "Y" measurement in the (I assume later) guide is supposed to be the gap between the adjuster and stop screw, but I don't know.


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