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Hi guys

Had an interesting conversation this weekend about current tank values and would be really interested to get your take please. 

So, what would be your estimate of the value of the following tanks?








Huge tanks :) 



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The demise of Withams selling a seemingly endless stream of armour to temp new blood into our hobby stopped. The BIG show has stopped. Covid  has crippled all shows and museums. Is it just me or has our hobby just gone off a cliff? Lots of kit for sale and it doesnt appear to be selling. Six figure armour (WWII) seems unaffected, as its a strong investment to those with deep pockets.  

Difficult to value these with such a diminishing market.

what do you think?

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Hi Terry - well, we reckon that the really good stuff - both Cold War and WWII will continue to sell for good money. The old cliche about there not being any more produced - or indeed coming on to the market - holds true and with current interest rates perhaps it's a better bet than having money sitting in a bank? 

If we had a few bob we'd be quite picky about where we spent it, so maybe a good Scimitar or Scorpion, but not a good Samaritan, for example. 

I think fashion comes into it as well, so is a Sherman a good buy, with several on the market? Maybe it's time for another tank to have its day. So if a WWII Sherman is maybe 250k would it be better to buy something around the 150k mark, which could increase in value? 

I bet if a good Chieftain appeared for sale for say 45-50k it wouldn't't take long to sell - or for that matter a good Centurion at say 65-70k?

But if we had crystal balls... 

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Hi Adrian - agree that values are based on buyer/seller expectations and that can throw the odd swerve ball - what's a T-72 really worth  for example - and how much do possible alternatives cost?

But I think there are examples of pricing out there to help kick off those negotiations - so where will the smart money go?

I guess some enthusiasts will give up on their hobby if there are too many barriers - but others might just push harder. 

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Tanks-a-lot, have 4 Chieftains for sale, ranging from £18-50k a Centurion that was part of the Littlefield Collection, went for $92,000 back in 2014. 

T72s seem to be readily available & I'm sure you could pick up a T54/5, from a friendly African or Middle Eastern despot, for a very reasonable price.

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I’d say anything ww2 and tracked will only go up in value (double) over the next few years, you only have to look at the prices of jeeps to see the trend. 
The big boys toys of tanks will always hold value and if you pick the right conflict (ww2-Korea-Vietnam-gulf wars etc) then people can relate and that gives more value.

A wise man would invest in a smaller track vehicle if they could as these need less transportation then a 20 ton beast. 

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