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  1. I am looking for items from the Welsh regiment for a ww2 RSM set up. If anyone has any items, information or photographs of ww2 RSM battle dress please share. thank you
  2. this is correct for a ford flathead, looks very nice and give better cooling then a standard unit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112853907866
  3. I’d say anything ww2 and tracked will only go up in value (double) over the next few years, you only have to look at the prices of jeeps to see the trend. The big boys toys of tanks will always hold value and if you pick the right conflict (ww2-Korea-Vietnam-gulf wars etc) then people can relate and that gives more value. A wise man would invest in a smaller track vehicle if they could as these need less transportation then a 20 ton beast.
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