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Wanted - Commer Q4 Engine Gaskets


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Hello all - I'm after some gaskets for the engine in my AFS Commer Q4 truck if anybody has any or knows where I can track some down!! Sadly unlike other vehicles of the same era, such as the Bedford RL, there are no real specialists as far as I'm aware who can help. Yes, I guess there are companies that will manufacture some but I thought I'd try here to first so see if anyone has some hanging around on a shelf in a shed...

They're for the 4,752 cc 6 cylinder petrol, which was also fitted to other Routes Group vehicles of the time such as Humbers. I need:

- head gasket

- 3 part copper gasket for inlet and exhaust manifold (49, 50 & 51 on attached parts list)

- gasket which fits between the inlet and exhaust manifold (46 on parts list)

- water pump gaskets (photo attached)


Funny why we need them - ever since buying it a few years ago (there's a thread in the resto section on here of the early years) it has never really run properly. Refurbished carb, new electrics, positive earth, electronic ignition... The list goes on - pops, bangs etc. So my friend bit the bullet and did a compression test - all around 75 psi, far too low. Manifolds off - lots of heavy, solid carbon build up which is almost certainly why the compression isn't good - the valves aren't sealing. Stands to reason as even though it's only done 1,700 miles it's always been run for short periods with the choke out with no proper running to get rid of the coke. Problem solved but the strip down will need new gaskets!

Any help appreciated...!

Thanks, Duncan.


commer .jpg

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Well, good news!

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing Speedy Spares found most of what I needed. The trick was referencing not only the part numbers but also the Commer / Rootes publication they came from! When I quoted the engine size (4,752 cc) they were confused - no wonder as the Parts List doesn't actually mention the engine size anywhere! (I've still no idea what other Rootes vehicles the 4,752 cc engine was fitted in....).

So, they have a head gasket plus water pump gaskets plus manifold hot spot gaskets. Sadly, not the exact manifold gaskets but some very similar so we'll see if they fit! 😎


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Sounds like a good result to me.

I recall once I was looking for the correct fuel sender for the Commer. The type was only used for 2 years so is very hard to find. After about a week from contacting Speedy Spares they gave me a call to say they had had a very good dig round and they found one!

My Commer has the same engine albeit layed on a slant of 60 degrees. Again with mine even quoting numbers from my part books didnt match the numbers they had but we got round it in the end.

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Yes, a good result! 😎

Still looking for a sender unit for the Q4.... It's the only part that has really broken, the board inside with resistance wire has broken apart over time...

I get the feeling lots of Rootes stuff is proper 'parts bin specials' stuff! 😆


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Well, Speedy Spares have come up trumps again.

After stripping the Manifold from our Commer Q2 we found new gaskets were definately needed. An email to Speedy Spares and an hour later they had found some, £8.50 plus post and they have arrived the very next day!

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Hi Duncan (or anybody else), do you have the part number to hand for the Commer Q4 cylinder head gasket please? An older (80) friend of mine has a couple of these lorries and has asked if I can get him a gasket or two. He's not online. Any help very much appreciated, thank you, -Roger.

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Hi Rootes75, thank you for your reply. I didn’t know they had different engines! I’ll have to go back and find out more information. I rang Speedy Spares but they needed a chassis number. It’s always difficult sourcing correct parts for somebody else.

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10 hours ago, Eugene said:

Hi Duncan (or anybody else), do you have the part number to hand for the Commer Q4 cylinder head gasket please?


I have an army parts list for 1950's Q4 with ohv engine and cylinder head gasket is P80923. The book covers the following chassis numbers;

38A0001 to 38A3499   and  38A5000 to 38A5200

regards, Richard

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