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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all - I'm after some gaskets for the engine in my AFS Commer Q4 truck if anybody has any or knows where I can track some down!! Sadly unlike other vehicles of the same era, such as the Bedford RL, there are no real specialists as far as I'm aware who can help. Yes, I guess there are companies that will manufacture some but I thought I'd try here to first so see if anyone has some hanging around on a shelf in a shed... They're for the 4,752 cc 6 cylinder petrol, which was also fitted to other Routes Group vehicles of the time such as Humbers. I need: - head gasket - 3 part copper gasket for inlet and exhaust manifold (49, 50 & 51 on attached parts list) - gasket which fits between the inlet and exhaust manifold (46 on parts list) - water pump gaskets (photo attached) Funny why we need them - ever since buying it a few years ago (there's a thread in the resto section on here of the early years) it has never really run properly. Refurbished carb, new electrics, positive earth, electronic ignition... The list goes on - pops, bangs etc. So my friend bit the bullet and did a compression test - all around 75 psi, far too low. Manifolds off - lots of heavy, solid carbon build up which is almost certainly why the compression isn't good - the valves aren't sealing. Stands to reason as even though it's only done 1,700 miles it's always been run for short periods with the choke out with no proper running to get rid of the coke. Problem solved but the strip down will need new gaskets! Any help appreciated...! Thanks, Duncan.
  2. OK, OK, having said that the Bedford RL petrol carrier would be the last addition, I weakened..... A search on eBay a fortnight ago turned up a remarkably unmolested AFS Commer Q4 hose layer for sale. Now, I have on RSOLES made a point of saying in the past that you don't see these very much these days and between the RSOLES collectors, I'm not aware of many if any.... So, I thought it might be worth a punt as the RSOLES AFS fleet expands.... It was - some used, non-sequential twenties changed hands and with the help of a low-loader trip down to Wiltshire, 519 ELM is now safely tucked in a barn and awaiting some TLC over the coming months..... There is a blog as is usual with me - up and running all ready: http://commerq4.blogspot.co.uk/ 519 ELM is a time warp - built in 1954, into service only in 1964, then sold off in 1989 with about 600 miles on the clock. The second owner bought it in 1994. It's complete with all the body work including centre partitions, the cab is complete with trim and headlining and it's only covered just over 1,700 miles...... Remarkably little rust considering it's been outside under a tarp for so long; as a hardened Bedford fan, the build quality seems to be impressive! :wow: If anyone out there has any hints, tips or stories / advice on restoring a Commer Q4 I'd love to hear from you as this is a new one on me, or of course, any sources of spares. The brakes are totally u/s, it does run but roughly (we can soon sort that). Cheers, Duncan.
  3. Hi, i am coming up with lots of old info on the history of the AFS matchless collection .... but drawing a complete blank as to the location of my machine Matchless G3 WXR 565 i believe it was in the ruddington 107 sale brochure sept 70 but not had that confirmed . ive got the origional log book from first civilian ownership but nothing relating to its AFS history. i know that WXR 563 was in service in Canterbury . any help in gaining any previous history would be greatly appreciated . cheers Daz
  4. html][/img] My girlfriend Sophie purchased this at the weekend a 1956 ex army fire service pipe carrier bedford rl. It was destined for the scrapman. We will be looking for a body if anyone can help. Cheers Iain aka sharky
  5. Ah, yes - the DVLA. And it was all going so well.... Right - the synopsis so far.... I bought an ex-AFS Commer Q4 back in May which is now tucked up in deepest Suffolk awaiting TLC. Pending that TLC, I thought "..wouldn't it be a good idea to get it back on the road legally speaking?". It has a current V5 and isn't on SORN as it was last taxed back in 1995; it also has a plating and testing exemption issued by the Vehicle Inspectorate in 1994. The current taxation class is PLG, so I thought "..about time to change this to Historic..". Although the vehicle was manufactured in 1954/55, it wasn't registered for use with the Home Office until 1964 (although the reg mark issued was not a 'B' plate - it's the old style letters and numbers - other Q4s were issued B plates. Strange). I have a copy of the original Registration Book. Now, the V5 states that the date of first registration was 27th Jan 1964, so well pre-1974. However, through email and telephone correspondance with the DVLA yesterday, they will not budge on requiring proof of the manufacture date to re-classify it as Historic, even though they can see that the registration date easily pre-dates the Historic vehicle cut-off. Great. I have tried to contact the 'Commer and Karrier Club' as listed in the DVLA's own guide on organisations that can date vehicles or confirm the manufacturing date - no luck. Written three months ago - no response, telephone number doesn't work. The British Motor Industry Heritage folks I don't think have data for Commer vehicles. Can anyone recommend a good club that could help in dating the Q4, perhaps by seeing the vehicle in the flesh, confirming the chassis number and providing an extract from the Glass Guide? Cheers, Duncan.
  6. Well Heres another blog for all you Bedford guys and gals, I had this truck come into me for a full chassis up rebuild. Due to the cost of a restoration the owner is spreading it over a longer period of time, which some times we have to do. Phase one was to get the truck stripped and label up various parts and put into storage on the racking until such a time its required for the restoration.Well phase one has been and gone, phase 2 was to get the chassis blasted primed and in gloss black ready for the rebuild, well phase 2 has also been and gone, phase 3 was to run up the engine check her over blast clean paint and service and refit to the chassis. Phase 4 was to get gearbox and transfer box blasted primed and top coated in gloss black, this is where I am at the moment, ive attached a few pics for you to look at. This will be an ongoing restoration as and when i do bits to her, properly be a once a month update. Howard.
  7. Having bought a green goddess in 2011 and having said firmly that would be quite enough, a friend and I have now purchased an ex-AFS Bedford RL Petrol Carrier, GYL 32C. It's a relatively rare beast - only one of I think 5 RL petrol carriers made and one of about 10 in total (the other 5 were Commer Q4s) - they were made to carry pack fuel in jerry cans for AFS fire columns. Sold out of Home Office service in 1988, it then made its way to Clywd Fire Brigade as a foam carrier (and possible later a LPP carrier) where it had a tail lift fitted. Then it eventually passed via another owner or two to the RAF Firefighting Museum at RAF Scampton from whom we bought it as although in good condition, it was non-core and taking up space that is badly needed for their ever-expanding fleet of RAF appliances. As it has spent much of its life indoors with the Home Office (most of the other petrol carriers sold that year had less than 2,000 miles on the clock) then Clywd Fire Brigade then the RAF Firefighting museum, it's in remarkably good condition so much of the restoration work is cosmetic. The delivery voyage was last Saturday although by the time we had it running properly after a long period of inactivity, it made the journey south from Scampton under cover of darkness before the snow hit on Sunday. As with my goddess, we will blog progress: http://afspetrolcarrier.blogspot.co.uk/ Here it was on Saturday: Work commenced on Monday with removing the tail and side boards to dry them, removing the headlining to remove the redundant wires and bolts in the roof (and knock out the large dent!) and removing the truck-style wing mirrors to be replaced with slightly more suitable items. There are a fair few holes in the cab roof to fill though! A new tilt frame and tilt will be required too. As a petrol carrier, whilst the rear body is very similar to the AFS GP vehicles, there are a few oddities such as the shrouded wiring, fire / blast wall behind the cab, extended front bumper to accommodate foam extinguishers and shielded fuel tank: Eventually, the extinguisher holders and perhaps a jerry can rack or two will need remanufacturing but this is difficult as only photographs now exist although there is another petrol carrier - GYL 29C - that was running around in Scotland I believe until recently (DVLA show it as SORN now) which does have the extinguisher holders. Cheers, Duncan
  8. Hi Everyone, Sorry it's taken a while to get around to introducing myself but things never turn out exactly as you plan. After hoping to acquire a WW2 RAF Motorcycle I have ended up with a 1959 AFS (Auxiliary Fire Service) Matchless G3, I am picking it up tomorrow. Not exactly a military motorcycle but it is a bit different, and not too many of them around now, only about 138 known examples from the 500 or so built between 1949 and 1960(ish). I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has one of these Matchless machines. Regards, Dave.
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