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Land RoverLightweight axles



Excuse my ignorance, but Land Rover Lightweights (both Series ??) sport different types of axle end caps.  Some seem to have what I though was a military pattern flat cap while others seem to have what I thought was a civvy pattern - "pointy".  [hope this is not too many technical terms]  But in photos of Lightweights in service, you seem to see both types and variously mounted front and rear.  So what is the story.  Is either one more correct?  See photos:



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It depends on age. The later ones, from 1980 I think, had the civilian style pointy half shafts rather than the flat ones fitted from new. Mines an ‘83 and had the pointy ones. 

If someone has broken a half shaft in civilian ownership then it’s possible they fitted a civvy one as they’re easier to source.



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The original flat caps on the Lwt hub were required as two Lwts could fit side by side in an AW Argosy aircraft and generally speaking everything on the Lwt was produced to keep the width to 5 feet.. However in later years when the Lwt was just as likely to be issued to a non Airborne unit the standard hub end was fitted at the factory as they are inter changeable. Also older hubs are getting rarer.

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