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Bedford Mj 330 smoking

Military Mj


I have a Bedford mj with the 330 turbo engine. It starts lovely, no hesitation. It runs lovely too. It just is very smokey. It seems to run very rich. The smell lingers for hours...
I did a compression test on all 6 cylinders and they all show 380-400psi.

The injectors have been tested and adjusted.
I have noticed that in my manual the pump for the 330 looks different to the one that is fitted on mine.
According to the manual the pump i have, seems to be fitted to the 466cu.
So i wondered whether anyone knows whether they have been fitted to either engine and also any advice before i take the pump off for a refurb.
This is the engine no from side of sump flange:
Many thanks!

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All the MK/MJ Bedford's smoked from new until warmed up and will make a large smoke cloud. The air brakes snatch when cold, all part of the character of the vehicle you own.

You are spending money trying to correct a fault that is not there.



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If the fuel pump is for a 466 it will be overfueling  bourne out by the symtome black smoke and unburnt fuel smell lingering. You would expect a puff of smoke from a Bedford as you wake the turbo up, and blue haze on tick over when cold. I used to have an MJ tipper many years ago.

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