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Welbike timing

Red Rimshot

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Hello all, my mate has just bought a 1942 Welbike. We've had it running, but poorly. I too have a WB that runs fine (finished race to the bridge last yr). My bike's timing is set accordingly to the wksp manual ie. Piston at tbc and line flywheel Mark to line on crankcase. So on my mates bike this is what I did- wouldn't start. So I did it by when the points just open with the piston at 1/4" btdc and the two lines are miles out but it runs - not great tho'. Anybody come across this before on a welbike ?


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It's probably a mag wheel off another bike. For instance if it's off an engine where the mag is on the right, the mark will be in a totally different place. Best to set the timing the way you have done and scribe a fresh mark for future use.  Ron

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Hello Ron, yes that's what I thought. My mate bought it from the USA (via ebay) very recently. The story was the bike was taken to the US by a returning soldier from "101st Infantry" (to quote). It was taken back in a "bomber stored in a round container". The bike came to Ian (my mate) original except tyres and Ht lead. The original tyres and ht lead were in the ebay pics but weren't in the box upon delivery and only changed for the sale. 

The bike is a Mk1 (very close frame no to mine) but it has, what looks like a factory fitted rear mudguard. All the other mk1 bits are there. I'm wondering if it went back to factory had mudguard fitted and a different flywheel fitted- what's your thoughts?

Thanks as always, Kings. 

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