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  1. I am looking for a welbike if you know of one for sale please let me know Thank you
  2. In the past i have taken the wheels off and pushed a vehicle in on the brake drums
  3. hi guys i have a 43 british airborne jeep and i am trying to find a welbike to complement it I know that they are like rocking horse poo but i would be happy with a box of parts do any of you know of any avalable Simon
  4. Hi welbike i have a 43 ford gpw that i want to finish a british airborne and would love to have a para motorbike on the front bumper.

    I know that the prices are astronomical but do you know of a me economical one for sale

    1. welbike


      Hi Simon, unfortunatly I don't know a cheap solution, and without cutting corners so much, there's only a small roundabout left, you will end up with something that's no good at all, unless you are a professional welder fabricator, and can borrow an original one, then it's possible I guess, to make one yourself, but it will still cost a lot.  better to save up, and buy something decent. Welbikes were never transported on Jeep's bumpers btw, I don't have any period pictures of that, and it will not do your Jeep or Welbike much good, I may know of a Filding BSA bike for sale in the near future, maybe that is something to contemplate?



    2. gpw43simon


      Hi Lex thanks for that i can see its a minefield

      please let me know about the BSA



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