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german armour


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a one off ? made for rocket test facility interesting design

from German Federal Archives site

caption : Peenemuende. - Army laboratory, rocket testing ground. For observation purposes of converted more easily traction power cars 1 t, armored Sd.Kfz. 10.



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Not sure this is the best place for this mods move if needed


Since I don't speak German and have watched "Battle of the Bulge" numerous times I found this youtube video that has the translated lyrics for the "Tank Song" in english or "Panzerlied" in German and thought others might be interested as well


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Not surprised. Even with Swingfire ATGMs in the 70s, nobody went anywhere near the firing point except under armour. See my thread from long ago about a rogue Swingfire at Otterburn that would totalled me in a car park 200m behind the firing point had I not gone to collect lunch.

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