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Zimmerit on Cromwells, Operation Epsom

Old Git

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Found a wee bit of footage on IWM which shows several Cromwells from, what I believe to be, C Sqn, 2nd Northants Yeomanry, Troops 1 and 2. All of them are sporting some form of Zimmerit on the Turret.

There are at least three indentifiable Cromwells; Achilles T187676 and Agamemnon T187714 (from 1 Trp) and Galahad from 2 Trp (no Census #). Seems as though naming their tanks after ancient warriors was a thing for C Sqn and 1 Troop appears to be all names beginning with A so we can probably assume 2 Trp had a Cromwell named Gwain.

Link below...Have grabbed some stills from this and will try to upload them to the post. Lookout for the ant-magnetic wainscotting in the last couple of frames, 😉


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According to the link provided by Matchfuzee this isn't a type a of Zimmerit paste on these Cromwells but 'Rubber Strips', I'd like to know the provenance of that assertion because those stills would seem to indicate a paste rather than 'rubber strips', although I concede I may be seeing what I want to see. 

When I first saw this footage I wondered if this Recce unit had over-run a German Maintenance unit and grabbed whatever stores of Zimmerit paste that were laying to hand. I think I'd like to see the war diaries for  2nd Northants to see if there's any reference to this.


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