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Base repair codes on a cvrw and handbrake


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   This vehicle had a base repair just before it was struck off . 

 Does anybody know  what the data codes mean  4, 5 , 7,8, 9, 14.   All from the  data sheet from the engine capsule 

The handbrake paul is also broken has anyone  got one   from the offside if for some strange reason they are sided

They are cast iron and I am at present  making one in high carbon steel but its a bit of a chore but would prefer  an original  one





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Sorry there's not much detail although that is from the EMER POWER A 001 Detailed Index. There would also be a mod index page preceding S 577 but that is unlikely to give any more detail.

I do however, have S 573-579 but it is in microfiche, if there was anything in particular you wanted the detail on, I can look it up.

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The engine modification numbers relate to the very early life of the Fox, two of the Mods are to replace parts on the carburettor. This was in answer to a problem where every vehicle was suffering failure of 2nd gear! There was a flat spot in the carb and this was most noticeable when moving off and the drivers answer was to push the gear change pedal down and rev the engine, then up on the pedal, hence why the 2nd gear band in the gearbox was failing. They tried several things but never cured it until nearly at the end of their service life a major modification to the cab took place and this cured the problem, all to do with too much fuel delivered from the accelerator pumps and a new carb base was introduced. The Mod. no.14 was to do with engine ignition timing.

regards, Richard

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Thanks  Richard

This fox  was  hull no 293 of 300 and had only short service mostly in storage and then just before it was struck off it went through a full base overhaul.  why the army spends fortunes on service and repairs when 2months later they stuck it off beat me.

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