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Historic Military Vehicle Rides

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Hello All. This has probably been done to death over the years, I have looked but cannot find any info so my apologies if this is a repeat post.

Can anyone advise on the current UK legislation / requirements with regards carrying paying members of the public in historic military vehicles on public roads. For example paying passengers in a Dodge WC51.

Any information would be VERY much appreciated. Cheers. Steve

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Without wanting to dampen your enthusiasm I would suggest asking the DVLA and your insurance company as to my untrained interpretation of vehicle law you would be required to be licensed as you are looking at hire and reward and all that entails. What type of vehicle is being used is irrelevant it’s the fact money is being asked for in exchange for transport.

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Carrying passengers for Hire & reward is all getting bit complex now,  firstly you can only carry  up to 8  passengers using a Car licence,  Also will need a Private Hire licence issued by your local Council ... To carry More than 8 paying passengers you need to hold a PCV (Bus) Licence and you would also need an Operators Licence to operate the vehicle/s

The big problem is Insurance cover for the passengers,  No Insurance Company would insure a Dodge WC51 and similar vehicles which are open sided cargo trucks for Passenger Hire & reward use, the side facing bench seats are not acceptable,  Passengers have to be seated in forward facing seats,  then there would have to be modifications required to make the vehicle comply for passenger transport. ...larger vehicles over 3.5 Ton like a 6x6 GMC would also need to operate a Tachograph too for more than 8 Passengers.....

The only military vehicle which Might be acceptable to Insurance requirments and comply, but it can Only carry a few paying passengers is a Dodge Command Car, WC56 which is basically a 4/5 seat passenger car..

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