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  1. Hello All. This has probably been done to death over the years, I have looked but cannot find any info so my apologies if this is a repeat post. Can anyone advise on the current UK legislation / requirements with regards carrying paying members of the public in historic military vehicles on public roads. For example paying passengers in a Dodge WC51. Any information would be VERY much appreciated. Cheers. Steve
  2. Over the weekend 17, 18 & 19 June 2016 the village of Broadmayne, Dorset will once again return to June 1944 to see the reopening of D-Day marshalling area D5. Broadmayne D5 offers a weekend of camping, entertainment and commemoration where WWII period Allied and Home Front reenactors, LHGs & vehicle owners are welcome to join us and bring to life the sights and sounds of an army preparing for the invasion of northern Europe. As you are aware this year based at D5 we also have Armour & Embarkation (A&E) 2016. The combination of Broadmayne D5 with Armour & Embarkation
  3. Currently filling out V55/5 for my recently imported early script GPW. Many questions refer to the Certificate of Conformity which I do not have. Do I need a CoC to complete the form? Does anyone have one for a GPW? Thanks. Steve
  4. Re A&E 2016 I am pleased to be able to offer parking, camping and entertainment to all vehicles, crew, living history groups and reenactors wishing to attend this event. You will be camping on the site of the former D-Day marshalling area D5 (Broadmayne Park & West Knighton). D5 is approximately 5 miles from the towns of Weymouth & Dorchester, has excellent vehicular access and space is not an issue. We have recently held the 'Broadmayne D5' event for the third year running and would be more than happy to combine both events. For more information regarding D5 see Broadmay
  5. Hello all, After years of looking & learning I've taken the plunge and purchased a script GPW, Chassis No 11085, DoD 03-27-42. Hood No 2059784. She was released from service and first registerred in Pennsylvania on 11-22-1946. She was shipped to UK by her previous owner earlier this year. An early script on her original Midland Steel Co 'willys repro' frame she has retained many of her original features. The rear of her tub was 'clean' but sadly the previous owner drilled her to put the duty spare wheel and fuel carriers on. She's a runner but needs plenty work & TLC.
  6. For more information about the history of the camp and further details of event see 'Broadmayne Camp' on Facebook.
  7. Broadmayne D5, 20th – 23rd June continues to grow. Listed below are just some of the weekend’s attractions. Groups confirmed as attending; Royal Engineers 5th Beach Group. 4th Dorsets. Rangers Reenactments. The 1st Division. Normandy 44. Auxiliary Units LHG. 25th BD Co RE LHG. Displays confirmed as attending; The Keep Military Museum. Anthony Cooke ‘Reflections of RAF Warmwell’. CART Dorset. Broadmayne WW2 Society. Dave Lancaster ‘D5 militaria collection’. Womens Land Army. Entertainment confirmed as attending; The Durnovaria Silver Band. The Moonl
  8. Working alongside ‘Weymouth at War’ the Broadmayne Second World War Society is holding a weekend of events which will bring the village community together, both in remembrance and in a fun and educational way. With the support of the local Parish Council, Church, School, landowners and history group, we wish to turn back time in the village in order to recreate the D-Day marshalling camp known as ‘D5’, where thousands of American personnel were based prior to sailing from the nearby ports of Weymouth and Portland for the shores of Normandy. The village of Broadmayne is inviting any civilian, (
  9. Hello all,I'm fan of all things military especially the WW2 period. A would be jeep owner I've been reading up on them and thought this would be a good place to learn even more. So any hints (save your money!), tips (don't do it!) or advice (by a weapons carrier instead!) will be much appreciated.Steve ;0)
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