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Salute to the 40's, Chatham Dockyard.

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Not me, I'm afraid;

Have a vehicle related do, nearer home. :-D

Went last year,...........a very good event, looking to be even larger this year, which was to be expected as last year was 1st one. :-)


have a good time, and post some pic's, if poss. ;-)



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A bit late with this but better late than never. :oops: I thought this was a great event, had a mix of everything. If you wanted to drive your vehicle you could which made it more interesting than the usuall static displays. Lots of people were in period dress which added to the feel of the event. There was a good mix of British and US military vehicles and plenty of civilian vehicles too. American red cross had a large impressive display. Naafi wagon did great business as usuall and the concerts were great and got a fair crowd joining in. The fire fighting dispalys were well done but the stretcher jeep siren got a bit annoying. All in a great weekend and great weather too. A definate for next year.







More pictures here

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Pity about Muriel the Muir Hill behind him...........she did not quite fit in to the 40's era :whistle:



Yes, it's a shame that was there but it was the only chance I had to get his picture. :-(


:-) Great Pic's Paul.

Its a great venue, isn't it.

Good to see Ian, (Viv the spiv) wasn't too tyred out........... :whistle:



It is a good venue and only a few minutes away from me so very handy.


Nice pictures thanks.....I go to Chatham Docks a lot in my work...i wish this event was going on when i last was there...



Thanks, I used to do haulage out of the docks many moons ago. It's all changed now.

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