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Frituur Zorro Special

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Maybe you are aware of our publications, Frituur Zorro, about re-use of WW2 Military soft-skin vehicles. So far we (from Narwal,Dutch publishers) have published 4 volumes. Now we publish a Special of 288 pages in which the best of those four volumes is collected. Please have a look at www.frituurzorro.nl


cover Zorro Special.jpg

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Following the succes of the series Frituur Zorro we are working on a new title: Frituur Zorro Restaurations.
Owners of a restaured vehicle share their experience with the readers in text and photo's
- In case you are interested in this book please let us know.:info@narwal.eu
- In case you want to contribute to our book with your experience please mail us: info@narwal.eu or call Theo Barten 0031736136843
Especially we look for restaurations of a M26 Pacific

Frituur Zorro restauraties.jpg

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After the success of our Restorations book a second volume is out! Again 30 projects are shown, many photos. This time more focus on German ww2 vehicles; go to http://www.frituurzorro.nl for info and ways to order..

resto 2.jpg

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