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  1. After the success of our Restorations book a second volume is out! Again 30 projects are shown, many photos. This time more focus on German ww2 vehicles; go to http://www.frituurzorro.nl for info and ways to order..
  2. Frituur Zorro restorations volume 2 is out! The second volume of Frituur Zorro Restorations is out!! Again thirty projects are dealt with, just like in volume one. This time more German vehicles are included, from the light Kübel to the heavy SWS. Go to http://www.frituurzorro.nl for more info and ways to order.
  3. Alex, Je kent ons waarschijnlijk nog: Frituur Zorro fotoboeken over re-use en restorations. (ons nieuwe boek , deel 2 komt in het najaar).Op www.frituurzorro.nl vind je alle info.

    We zoek daarvoor nog een resto van een Dodge D15 of T110. Kun jij ons verder helpen? Alle stages in foto.


    Graag bericht naar inf@narwal.eu

    cover restorations 2.jpg

    Cover restorations 1.jpg

  4. We are NARWAL Dutch publishers of photobooks.We are currently looking for a restoration project of a Dodge T110 for volume 2 of our book Frituur Zorro Restorations. Are you interested to join us and have your project in our book? Different stages should be photographed. The books are a great succes and sold all over Europe. Below you will find our addresses, www.narwal.eu shows what we publish
  5. Hi Pete,

    Interested in having your story of your Retriever restoration in our books? We publish books about the subject and they are well known and sold in the UK. Go to www.frituurzorro.nl or www.narwal.eu for info


    Please reply to info@narwal.eu

    Cover restorations 1.jpg

  6. HERE ARE TWO EXAMPLES OF ITS CONTENTS See www.frituurzorro.nl
  7. In October a new title of our successful series Frituur Zorro will be published. Restorations of WW2 soft-skin vehicles in bringing them back to their original status. 180 pages. Many British vehicles. Stories told in word and deed. Interested? Let us know: info@narwal.eu and we will keep you posted.
  8. Hi Scammell 4199


    Interested to to see your Scammell project in our next book? Every stage of the project should be photographed. We are Narwal Publishers. We already have many contribtions fot his new book..  Pleas mail us at info@narwal.eu if you are interested. www.frituurzorro.nl

    cover restorations.jpg

  9. Hi Charley, send us some recent pictures please. We are very curious. info@narwal.eu
  10. Out now! To our successful series Frituur Zorro we added a sixth volume. This book is about restoring WW2 vehicles to their original state, often found in a deteriorated condition and left behind; sometimes not more than wrecks. Thirty projects are collected in this book, many photos! Projects from participants from the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Belgium, the United States, France, Australia and Slovakia. Due to the vast number of projects we are able to publish volume two in 2020.
  11. Following the succes of the series Frituur Zorro we are working on a new title: Frituur Zorro Restaurations. Owners of a restaured vehicle share their experience with the readers in text and photo's - In case you are interested in this book please let us know.:info@narwal.eu - In case you want to contribute to our book with your experience please mail us: info@narwal.eu or call Theo Barten 0031736136843 Especially we look for restaurations of a M26 Pacific
  12. Maybe you are aware of our publications, Frituur Zorro, about re-use of WW2 Military soft-skin vehicles. So far we (from Narwal,Dutch publishers) have published 4 volumes. Now we publish a Special of 288 pages in which the best of those four volumes is collected. Please have a look at www.frituurzorro.nl --
  13. Hi, You all may know Frituur Zorro about a new life for military soft-skin vehicles. Now the Special is out with the VERY BEST of the 4 volumes in 288(!) pages. A hefty book! www.frituurzorro.nl
  14. Hi, All along the Control Tower 2 is out: 66 new Towers! http://www.controltowers.eu (moderator please do not remove this message. It is in the benefit of our members.)
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