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Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

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Indeed, though the term "over restored" springs to mind.  It may be a tough decision to do it right, for a given value of "right" but it isn't actually that difficult to perform once the decision is taken.


I recall a nicely restored WC 42 panel van finished in desert stone / black and portraying the run up Italy, where a green rectangle was left on the left rear door to show an insignia, faithfully reproducing the original paintwork where the whole panel van had been green, and then the whole body overpainted stone and black, except for the rectangle with the insignia.

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When I restored my No 11 cab Chevrolet , I found that the inside off the body , and cab always stayed olive drab through its life , even in civy use , the outside had under the civy color a brown black camo applied (wheel arches , and underside where also not resprayed )., so that is how I restored her , but I got during the years the odd remark , and did you not have enough Brown paint ? What can you answer then .

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Here is one of  a humble Austin  8 Military Tourer in a desert, this is the only  picture I have seen in Caunter. If anyone has a clearer photo please post it.

I had no idea they were used in the desert, just don't seem tough enough. I wonder if anyone knows if the cooling system was modified in any way? Am I brave enough to repaint mine to match, ( with or without masking tape?)

Regards  ernestmontgomery (monty)

Austin 8 Desert. Caunter scheme camo..jpg

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It would be a talking point and you have a photo of one in theater but the one in the background appears normal i.e dark in tone - if you paint it like the photo and your not too impressed when finished you can always say it seemed like a good idea at the time - enjoy 


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about austin 8 hp cars some of these came to Aussie from ME in 1942 I only have records for 8

many missing i fear.

As for paint in the cab, A lot was done on cost/time even down to only painting one set of census numbers(2 sets not 3) instruction 2261, on the  24th october 1942, our cab Austin k2Y had been painted olive drab. For the desert canvass was to be bleached white hence in a lot of wartime pics the seats of ambulances(K2Y) and aprons appear white.

then re-painted Dulux olive drab Australian Army it was a bit knocked about when it got here in 1942, and then in pea green everywhere postwar.

some pics

Australian Army Ambulances. ME. and Austin K2Y cab, ME. looks green


ambulance 2.jpg


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