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World War Two Military Vehicles: Transport and Halftracks


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World War Two Military Vehicles: Transport and Halftracks


June 2007



This title offers a comprehensive illustrated account of the development of military transport during the period from 1939 to 1945. Covering both Allied and Axis equipment, the book is a superbly illustrated and detailed study into an aspect of military history that has often been ignored by researchers and writers who have concentrated solely on the armoured vehicles.



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The postie delivered my copy this morning :tongue:


A very good mix of photos of both wartime and restored vehicles, particularly German/Italian, and informative text.


There will be several forum members' vehicles in here for sure, sorry but only ones I recognise so far are Tony Corbin's Ford GTBs and a very complimentary shot of Markheliops's WLF in 'yellow extremity' days.... :shake:


Highly recommended. So much for grass cutting today.....

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Was successful in my bidding on two copys of this book, recently.


Overall, a fine book,.....let down, by niggling wrong caption on some pic's;

GMC's,.......captioned as 353's,........in fact 352's. (p70/71)


And as an MW owner,.......no pic of the later version, (yes OK not a fault, I know,.........more an observation. :))



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