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Lifting the spare wheel on and off

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My Militant is 1954 so quite old technology.  There is a basic frame that bolts to the chassis


Then the carrier itself pivots from the bottom of the frame


In this picture you can see the cable that is used to wind the wheel up and down.  On the other side of that carrier arm is a small spool that the cable winds onto, and a drum type brake with 2 fixed shoes in it that provides a bit of drag to stop the wheel from free spinning.

It wouldn't take too much welding to construct something out of big box section, and an old mini wheel hub to provide the drum brake and cable spool

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Absolutely, all Mk1 Militants had them except those fitted with the Atlas crane.  Obviously crane ones didn't need them.  I think some Leyland or Albion Military stuff had them too.

These days they are as available as a bucket of rocking horse poo.  Friend of mine is looking for one for his Militant, took me 5 years to find one for mine as it was missing when I bought the truck.

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Thanks for the idears, I like the militant wheel lift it's a clever bit of kit I may have a go at making one or if any one knows of one for sale please email but as stated in a previous post they are rare. Please if any one has any other idears I'd 've interested. Thanks 

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