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My new chem recon brdm2

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Roughly 8 hours into my possession. Just delivered today. I believe it's Czech, however the tires say made in USSR and many of the instructions are in Cyrillic.






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The link to the gallery: http://s517.photobucket.com/user/kcimb/library/money%20pit?page=1


It looks quite good, it's definatly a later model.


All BRDM's were made in the USSR, however many countries they were exported to added their own flavour. Their own accesoires etc. My example was used by the East Germans so it had rifle racks mounted, an extra commander light and some additional sockets for powered tools.


I can recommend this one:


English translation of the manual..

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On 6/12/2017 at 7:14 PM, Starfire said:

Lovely. How is it to drive? What is the approximate cost of these vehicles? I wouldn't mind picking one up.




It’s a very heavy clutch. I drove it once off the trailer and parked it. It doesn’t seem to want to shift out of gear so I may need to learn to double clutch. 

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Clutch shouldn't be heavy, it's hydraulic... but watch out for the power steering, it stops working when you put the clutch down, so always make sure you are in gear before turning a corner. Never try and coast round a corner with the clutch down...

Brakes are air assisted so they should be light too.

I think there is synchro on 3 and 4th gear, but I find it easier to double de-clutch especially on downshifts. Very tall 4th gear.

Watch out for oil from the diff's getting forced into the hubs and into the brake drums.

Brake hoses and air hoses to the wheels can leak or block up.

Fuel pump, well you've already discovered that. It will vapor lock in hot weather.

Mine has been reasonably reliable. It certainly starts on the button. I've never even looked at a plug or in the distributor. never had to clean the carb.

I did find some cracks in the exhaust manifolds. There are not very well supported and the exhaust down (up) pipe and silencer puts a lot of stress on them. I had steel replacements made.

I have some translations of the dash and various warning signs.


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