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Military truck/lorry enthusiast

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I have always liked the look of military vehicles. They are in general always well engineered and as modern vehicles have become encumbered with engine management systems, electric this and that with panels that dent if you sneeze on them the over engineered and simplicity of military vehicles has a big appeal.

Previously I had a Dodge Ram military truck, ex US forces, that as well as being wonderfully over engineered, abuse was expected I think in its use, you could sit on the wing with your legs dangling in the engine bay while you worked on the engine. The V8 never had to work too hard and once we had to run it with the cooling system nearly dry for a few miles, not something you would do with a modern engine. Sadly had to give it up many years ago.

Looking to buy a new vehicle now for the pleasure of owning something like this again but also to enjoy driving it, going to events and hopefully taking part in charity events to use it to raise money for them. Looking at Leyland DAF 5 ton 4 x 4 with the Cummins 5.9 Turbo as a possibility. Love something with six or more axels but the budget will not allow and also not sure the neighbours would appreciate the new view:-)

Still early days in making up my mind so thought joining this forum would not only allow me to make contact with people who had an extensive knowledge of the subject but also let me see what other options there are.

Thanks for letting me join!

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