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Morris C8 towing pintel question

johann morris

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I have a question for all those Morris C8 experts out there. My C8 hasn't got a towing pintel / hook and I cant see any evidence of there ever being one. The rear, behind the rear spring hangers, has been modified at some time but the cross member that runs approximately between the rear spring hangers shows no signs of having the associated towing bracketry. So my question is this, did all C8 have towing pintels / hooks or were some produced without them.







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Hi Richard,


You are right, there is a vertical weld after the spring hanger on the longitudinal chassis rail but from what I can make out the towing bracket was attached to the longitudinal chassis rails as well as the cross rail between the rear spring hangers. I think, and I am no expert, that the brackets were bolted on to the rails. There is no doubt, that the longitudinal chassis rails behind the rear spring hangers have been modified. The chassis cross rail, between the spring hangers is undoubtedly original but shows no sign of any brackets being fixed to it. Its probably just a post war modification and the original vehicle had the towing bracketry and I will therefore reinstate it but I was just curious if any C8's were produced without towing pintels and brackets.



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