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AEC Militant MKI 38EP19 (MOT Passed)


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Hi Gents,

Just an up date on the Mighty Militant MKI (38EP19), after a great three weeks at home on leave and almost as much time spent on Milly I managed to pass the MOT for the 2nd time. Happy days, prior to the MOT I got time to check all brake shoes and re-welded the "Anti Screech" rings back on to the rear four drums.




I also secured a good deal on 6 part worn tyres with in an hour or so from home. I did managed to change one tyre which was pointed out to me last year on MOT, so I was chuffed to bits having replaced it.



The two seats which I was having refurbished arrived the day before MOT, Phew! great job. I will need to adjust the passengers seat as the engine cover is rubbing against the seat which had caused most of the unnecessary damage to the old seat covering.





Looking forward to removing all wheels and brake drums next leave and replacing the odd tyre or two. I certainly forgot how hard the tyre bashing was back in 88 on the Stalwart. I did notice the rust flap had June 68 stamped on it, Made in England too.

17-03-2017 Prep for welding (4).jpg

14-03-2017 Wheel bashing starts  (3).jpg

22-03-2017 Recovered seats (1).jpg

23-03-2017 Recovered seats fitted (1).jpg

20-03-2017 Tyres from Cavan (2).jpg

6 Tyres for sale.jpg

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Hi Rob,

seats were done by a local company called Second Time around, £100.00 a piece, they have padded out the back rests on mine as I only had a hard metal backrest on previous ones.


Tyres are from a Stalwart in County Cavan, I will put the 6 alloys wheels up on eBay later on. It has given me 6 spare tubes and rust flaps so I'm happy with the rest.


Next leave I am going to remove all wheels for shot blasting and along with the brake drums, he mentioned dry power coating is that OK for brake drums? as for the wheels he will prime them and I will paint Olive green again.





Seats look brilliant, was that someone local to you? And what did they cost, I've got to get my tanker ones done. Good result on finding all those tyres
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