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  1. I have now managed to make some progress on the Mighty Militant, I have clean the engine and given it a lick of paint which has uplifted its image greatly. I managed to change all the radiator hoses and refitted the original jubilee clips, hopefully I have them well positioned in case I need to change a hose with the radiator on. Two new fan belts to go on (1640 C Series) £14.00 each, the old ones can go on the spare parts locker just in case... The crankcase breather was also removed and given a bath in petrol and though;ly cleaned out awaiting refit. Also a large selection of cab
  2. Hi Rob, No this EMER came with the truck... .
  3. After several weeks work I managed to complete the Radiator and the steering box, all good to go after the engine is cleaned to a high standard. I found that after removing the radiator to get to the steering box bolts, that I have opened up hundreds of other jobs now. Everything I can see is covered in 50 years worth of oil and dirt, so I will be busy over the next few months. I did manage to get both front windows out to get in amongst the window frames and the surrounding area, With the windows out, I manage to remove both wiper motors for a good cleaning and hopefully rec
  4. Any ideas why there is some holes on one of the blades? I think some sort of balancing / Harmonising .
  5. After a few week's hard graft trying to remove the steering box, I decided it would be easier for freedom of access to remove the radiator, another long job. The hardest part being the two mounting bolts, but once these were free I was on a roll. The steering box is held in by three bolts and the one on the socket in the picture above is the easiest to access, the other two are around the front and are difficult to get any leverage on them to free them off. Next step to remove the radiator Definitely a mechanical lift due to the weight of the radiator, but I am operating
  6. Just a quick question? There are 4 of these (Dowel type) pins/studs in the two drive axles brake drums, any idea why they are different from the others? Each brake drum is secured by 3 studs with nuts and washers and one of these dowels per drum. I need to get two made locally to complete the refurbishment of the rear axles/Brake drums.
  7. Purchased in County Carlow, I loved the 6 hours drive to Omagh...
  8. After another awesome leave period I managed to get some more restoration work done, The rear four wheels were removed along with the brake drums, shot blasted and Bonda Primer added followed by a coat or two of Deep Bronze Green. I also managed to complete a panel on the front of the cab along with the radiator cowling. Several other items were removed for the shot blasters too; the worst being the tailgate which was a three man lift. The brand new headlamp which was in the truck on purchase was finally fitted to replace the badly corroded one on the drivers side, with the remains of thi
  9. Update on the steering problem now that I am safely back at work. OK Gents, after returning back home choosing roads which felicitated a right turn only I managed to get parked up back on the drive safely. I went straight to the User handbook (EMER) and started to look for remedies, also posting my problem on HMVF and by experience I knew if I couldn't get an answer here I was in deep pooh. I took this mad notion that the problem was in the steering box so I went through the various stages of preparation to remove the steering box, I removed the steering wheel and stowed it away on
  10. On return from my MOT, I put a full right hand lock on, as I was going to be close to the kerb I tried to put more of a lock on that was possible maybe pushing it beyond its limit. I noticed the steering to be heavier on left hand locks on the journey home. Finally the steering refused to allow a left hand lock to be applied on an exit off a roundabout. I tried a right hand lock which was possible. I did notice after a few struggles that on turning the steering wheel it was actually screwing itself closer to the steering column shaft cover (Like a nut going on to a bolt). Any ideas? I think I
  11. The last time I saw one of those label holders it was on an MFO box, lol. Not seen one in a Military Vehicle before...
  12. Great job, my eyes are dim I cannot see lol, I can make some of it out...11/22-1 (24v). Great job Gents Hutch
  13. Nice, It hasn't changed much over the years. I downloaded the fitting instructions from that link, it may be helpful. Many thanks, Hutch
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