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paul connor

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I know why you are interested in wanting to get hold of it. But the makers of both were keen to explain the concern with historical accuracy. This is questionable as the vehicular accuracy is appalling. In the news footage of the time the main riot scene showed pigs in the background then as it gets nasty a Foden water cannon comes along squrting dye over the crowd (& the camera crew. You can here a squaddie shout "Corr brilliant guv!").


In one of the films intead of a Foden they use a Saracen with a hose pipe in the turret. looks pathetic. The "RUC" vehicles are army spec Rovers with grey painted (wood actually!) bodies with silly snow ploughs on the front like a Wild West train. Then the pigs they have are MK 2 which were introduced the year after BS!! After a few minutes of this I gave up watching.

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