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Post war headset

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Following on from the success of the 24 Ft mast here is another item I was given recently, this has been discussed on the WS19 group forum without achieving a positive identification.


Throat mic and headset, ZA number on throat mic appears to be in the middle of a range of anti gas equipment, inserts in the earphones are standard larkspur era ones. The moulded on connector is a 4 pin female, which is the opposite sex to what would be expected. Relative lengths of the mike and headset leads suggest that this may have been designed to be worn with the lead down the wearers back.

Any ideas?






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A picture of the plug may narrow down the number of sets, it may fit .My first thought is ws88.


No not 88, that was my first thought as well,or any of the other well known sets of the post war period I'm afraid, WS, Larkspur or Clansman as far as I can tell. I'll get a pick as soon as I get back to the truck.plug.jpg

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