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Bedford MWD charging rate


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Hi All. My Bedford MWD seems to have poor charging. Symptoms are ...switch on and red warning light glows, ammeter shows 9 amp discharge.Start engine, red light goes out and discharge drops to about 5 amps....rev engine and discharge drops to 1 amp but will not go over zero or anywhere towards a charging reading.

Thoughts and suggestions please....:embarrassed:

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Found this site that gives nice clear instructions http://www.howacarworks.com/electrical-systems/testing-a-dynamo-and-checking-output


One other quick check that would be worth trying is to repoloraise the Dynamo. BUT, VERY MUCH BUT, disconnect the regulator BEFORE re poloraising. http://www.dynamoregulatorconversions.com/polarising-a-dynamo.php




Thanks Tony B...a great help! Regards Andy B :)

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Thinking again, (It's the age you know) Though the brushes may look OK, worth taking the back off and checking the springs that push the brushes in to the commutator, they can stick. Clean the copper bands, don't us an abrasive that can clog the gaps and cause shorts, also check the end of the brushes haven't worn in a curve as that can make only a small contact area. Not a lot to go wrong on a Dynamo, the last one I know that failed had a bearing collapse in about 2005. Though the bearing was dated 1945. :D

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