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Arrows 1.75 Tonne Army Trailer Diagrams and dimensions needed

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Hi guys


Thanks to fantastic help from loads of folks on here I am nearly finished the Bedford TM scratchbuild model in 1/24 !


I have started on an Arrows trailer to place behind the TM and hope that some of you guys might be able to assist with the basic diagrams for the trailer layout and main dimensions to get the chassis and running gear right ! I already have the bed sizes but don't want to spoil it by getting the running gear wrong !


The sizes needed are the torsion spring housings and mounts, the shock absorbers and the spacing of the A Fram cross members and chassis rails under the load bed.


Hope you can help again as this build should not take long given it's size, but will hopefully sit nicely drawn by the TM !




All the best








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I fear the frames have been removed - I use the trailer behind my 436 for transporting camping gear (12x12 tent etc) to shows and the frames just got in the way!


The trailer came from Withams a few years ago and seems virtually unused.


Appreciate it's a way to come from Scotland, so if you need a few specific measurements or photos let me know. May take a while as it's at the back of the barn buried under multiple layers of canvas!


PM or use email nic593nic@aol.com is fine.



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On the back of the Bedford TM ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sorry, to tow behind the TM is an Arrows trailer with thanks to Steve Bellerby for a set of tyres and additional info plus Nic Clay from HMVF for assisting with additional check dimensions to get this looking right !!!





















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Hi Alec


I take it you mean top of the world Caithness ??? We used to have family holidays in Lossiemouth which might have been a nice little day out to find you from there !!! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, May be a bit of a trek to get to you from Stirling though !!!


At the moment things are coming together but may give you a shout if there are a couple of measurements that give me a headache if you are willing to put a tape measure to your trailer for me !!! As you can see I have the load bed and A-frame done !!!


All the best



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