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  1. Hi there Any possibility of it being a radiator shroud for winter conditions ? Just a suggestion Nige
  2. Stephane Sorry to hijack your thread, but yours is the first I have seen of the TM in private ownership that has the tarpaulin fitted and still on board. I built a 1/24 scale model a while back and had several attempts at building and painting the tarpaulin but little success in getting a realistic look ! Could I ask if you would be willing to measure the various panels of fabric and the main roof panels to allow me to get the look as accurate as I can ? The build can be seen here http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?35729-1-24-Bedford-TM-4x4-and-6x6-Scratchbuild&p=4678
  3. Hi Alec I take it you mean top of the world Caithness ??? We used to have family holidays in Lossiemouth which might have been a nice little day out to find you from there !!! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, May be a bit of a trek to get to you from Stirling though !!! At the moment things are coming together but may give you a shout if there are a couple of measurements that give me a headache if you are willing to put a tape measure to your trailer for me !!! As you can see I have the load bed and A-frame done !!! All the best Nige
  4. On the back of the Bedford TM ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sorry, to tow behind the TM is an Arrows trailer with thanks to Steve Bellerby for a set of tyres and additional info plus Nic Clay from HMVF for assisting with additional check dimensions to get this looking right !!!
  5. Or how about I repaint this and plonk it behind it instead ???? Or get the angle grinder out (Die-cast) and chop it up for a 110 soft top conversion ???? What ya's reckon ????
  6. Hi Robin Yep ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wee things still needed that I know are the catches on the rear to lock the drop down panel, hanging chains that keep it horizontal, electric connector and cables, tire pressure reminders, fix the missing link to the brakes I snapped off, maybe a single water tank load that could be swapped over to the Arrows (with a second) and then a Landrover out of my stash to tow it with ! Anything else you notice give me a pointer as I am open to any suggestions !!!! Especially obvious missing bits !!!! I have several 109's, a couple of 88's and two Lightweight
  7. Finally got round to adding a bit more detail to the Sankey while waiting a wee bit info on the Arrows trailer !! Some tiny chains to sort out and maybe a load
  8. Hi Nic Hope you don't mind if I Pm you as York is a fair bit away from me in Scotland ! That looks a cracker and presume that the frames are for the water tank supports when used as a bowser ? Nige
  9. Hi there folks I am nearly finished with the Bedford TM 4x4 scratchbuild 1/24 model, the biggest headache being the sizes and shapes of the Load bed tilt cover and side panels. I just can't get the scale look, shape and colour right on my model even after about eight tries now ! I have set it aside and started an Arrows trailer for it to tow until I get the right information if I can ! Any help is greatly appreciated Model build is here http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?35729-1-24-Bedford-TM-4x4-and-6x6-Scratchbuild&p=467234#post467234 Thanks as always for an
  10. Hi guys Thanks to fantastic help from loads of folks on here I am nearly finished the Bedford TM scratchbuild model in 1/24 ! I have started on an Arrows trailer to place behind the TM and hope that some of you guys might be able to assist with the basic diagrams for the trailer layout and main dimensions to get the chassis and running gear right ! I already have the bed sizes but don't want to spoil it by getting the running gear wrong ! The sizes needed are the torsion spring housings and mounts, the shock absorbers and the spacing of the A Fram cross members and chassis rails un
  11. So much help from folks on here and elsewhere providing details and dimensions !!! ESPECIALLY YOURS !!!! Thanks
  12. Sorry not been on for a while but hopefully was not wasted as instead of doing f all I got my head into some of the outstanding details. Still not finished as I keep finding things I need to add or do !!!! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The TARP is something I am still not 100% happy with ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, shape, colour, texture and tie downs !!!!!!!! Will be re-doing the tarp with a couple of options hopefully to be able to swap over if I can get the logistics right !!!! Here is what went to Perth show and some more detailing since on the hip ring tie downs, radiator header tank and pip
  13. Thanks Trevor !!! I know I would not have a clue about working on the real thing !!!
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