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Hello & Thank You

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Hi folks, Im Scott.


Unfortunately I don't have an old military vehicle, (nor do I see my wife allowing it to happen either)


However this does not stop me from enjoying reading about the adventures (and no doubt frustrations) you guys have while restoring these old motors, between the welding and the remanufacturing of parts its just mid blowing the extents you all go to first to get them back on and then fight to keep them on the roads getting them out there.


Hopefully to be seen by kids and adults alike who will ask what is that? and perhaps take an interest in restoration.


For example around 20 years ago in Perth (Scotland) there was a classic car meeting called the mile of motoring and I saw my very first Austin Gypsy there,

I asked the owner if it was a Russian Gaz as I knew no better and had never seen a Gypsy before, not in movies nor books or comics etc.

when he told me what it was I thanked him and walked away thinking what a bloody amazing little truck it was,

nowadays I still feel like a total fool as I perhaps offended him with my ignorance, but you can't learn if you don't ask.


That gent and his lovely Austin Gypsy, sparked my side interest in old military vehicles... which has never died!

I already had a blossoming interest in old cars, which my much older brother in law had been encouraging during my recovery from losing an eye in an industrial accident (not of my fault)


So a much belated thanks to that gentleman, not just for being kind to this uneducated fool but for taking his Gypsy out and letting it be seen by me and everybody else.

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Welcome to the forum Scott, novel intro:). I'm sure you wouldn't have upset the Gypsy owner, on the contrary he'd be pleased that you were interested in the vehicle and no doubt enjoyed talking about his pride and joy. Try the subtle approach with your other half, quality family time etc, if that doesn't work just keep nagging 'til she submits.:D

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Welcome to the forum Scott, I had a problem not knowing how to get a military vehicle into my life and one day my wife asked if she could have a larger stove in the new house we were planning to build, so I agreed to the bigger stove on the condition that I could have my White Scout Car. She was so happy with the idea of the new bigger stove she agreed straight away. So just bide your time, keep this in mind, and it will happen. LOL.


Regards Rick.

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