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  1. Would those petrol can carriers not have holes in the bottom to allow rain etc to drain away and not rot the timber? As for the fuel tank, could you not make a new one and use the old tank as a jacket for it to keep looking original.. But then again if you're going to go to the trouble of carefully opening the old tank up you'd be aswell to clean the sealant and repair it properly
  2. I've been following this in the background for years and only really recently joined up because of your amazing adventures rebuilding this lovely old beast... As the time got closer to the run I could feel the tension and anticipation for the outing, (obviously not as much as yourselves) but enough that I was almost heartbroken for you all after having to make that hard decision. Anyway I digress, congratulations on saving this old truck your skill and patience is truly admirable! I know its not the done thing, but none of us are getting any younger and a pulled muscle or a dama
  3. I noticed that if you click on the last post time below the last posters name it takes a very long long time to load the page. however if you just click on the last page number it loads the last page (and post) in absolutely no time at all. BTW Thanks Joris, the forum is very fast now (and that is on an 8 year old Mac)
  4. Hi folks, Im Scott. Unfortunately I don't have an old military vehicle, (nor do I see my wife allowing it to happen either) However this does not stop me from enjoying reading about the adventures (and no doubt frustrations) you guys have while restoring these old motors, between the welding and the remanufacturing of parts its just mid blowing the extents you all go to first to get them back on and then fight to keep them on the roads getting them out there. Hopefully to be seen by kids and adults alike who will ask what is that? and perhaps take an interest in restoration. Fo
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