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Brake Hose Question

REME 245

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I am trying to fit new flexible Brake Hoses to my Daimler Armoured Car and on both the Wish Bones and the Chassis I am finding the same problem in that the brass fitting does not screw up tight in the correct position to bolt flat on to the corresponding fitting without twisting the hose out of a alignment.


The only adjustment seems to be washers of different thicknesses. Am I missing something here?



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In the picture one end of the hose is going onto a brake pipe via a coupling and on the other straight through the chassis.


This new picture shows the pipe going to the splitter unit and the other end through the wish bone. To get the pipe in this alignment I have had to use 3 copper washers. Unless I am wishing the obvious where is WP_20160403_011.jpgthe adjustment is apart from washers.

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If you have access to a lathe, you can make your own. They're only annealed copper.


Remember to make it slightly thicker than you need, as it will crush a bit, and ensure that you fully anneal it before fitting, as the machining process will work harden it a bit.




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I can only assume Andy that the threads are a different length on these modern replacements to the original but it seems very strange that I have to pack them out with different thickness washers to get the unions to tighten up at the correct angle.


I do have NOS hoses on one of the lengths but I know people who have had old stock seals melt after about 2 years of use so replacing everything.

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