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Antar progress report

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Dear All,


Thanks to all TSB's help Antar is now at Horndean only 2Km from home. Have just fitted the fuel tanks and front mudguards. Pics below!





What progress?

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Dear All,


Minor works include repairing the bonnets including the piano hinges. I drove the pins out with an air hammer and some very long drifts.


Main effort at present is the cab. It was stripped down to a bare frame and then blasted as required. There is no rust on the panels and I have replaced a few or let in some new material. I am on the roof now which is fitted but I am filling in 60 years of dents. I started with a box of 500 CSK pop rivets which seem to have nearly all gone! I hope to paint it at the end of next week after doing Dorset.


I had a snag with the winch. The parts list suggested that the large bracket castings that support the lay on gear and drum shaft bearings were identical. They were not! In particular, only one was drilled for the winch clutch mechanism. I suspect that they are also differently machined. This caused quite a few problems with the winch not assembling properly and me not understanding why. Temporary availability of a lift for the drum prompted me to get on with swopping brackets around. In fact I managed to do it without lifting the drum off at all. It will now be plain sailing putting the rest of the winch back together. This is an important development because the need to do more work on the winch prevented me from replacing other things such as the flooring, tool boxes and fuel tank side covers.


I have attached some pics.







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I don't think the frames are a problem. Unfortunately the kids broke the glass but that might be a blessing in disguise. I have managed to dismantle the quarter light window frames. I hope that the windscreen frames are as easy. I think that I can get new rubbers from Woolies in Market Deeping. What does worry me is that some of the quarter light frames have rotted to nothing. I might be able to machine replacement sections by milling solid bar.


I am still on filling the cab roof to get it nice.



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