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1930 Triumph NL


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I traced and ordered a triumph 3sw handbook but today received a parcel containing ..triumph motorcycle instruction book for a triumph nl n de lux and nsd

The triumph nl features in the british forces motorcycles book and the handbook is stamped 5th medium brigade Royal artillery...1930. And also headquarters.


So a question does anyone have a triumph nl or know about the unit



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I don't know anything about that unit other than what is on google, but coincidently this just turned up on ebay. I don't know how genuine it is? He says it's ex WD, which is written in the log book.......Under 'Model'?? and in a different pen?? Who knows? Lots of bids though! Ron



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The Triumph factory records prior to 1940 were all lost in the Coventry blitz. The frame number of this one does seem to be from 1935. The RAOC Chilwell cards tie in with Orchard & Madden and only show one contracted Triumph sale in 1935 - the single 350cc assessment machine.


Although this log-book shows 'Ex-WD', it doesn't detail how long they had owned it...I'd be inclined to suspect that although it would have been a bit past-it in 1940 (the majority of impressed machines were a year old at most), somehow this one was taken on strength in the post-Dunkirk shortages (maybe by the Home Guard) but that they soon got shot of it when they realised that they had a seven-year old 250cc sidevalve with zero spares availability (thanks to the factory bombing).


Any chance of seeing a scan of the ND book cover ?


The NDs all seem to have disappeared from service by the late 1930s. I have an idea that there are one or two still in existence.

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