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polyurethane tires


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as I get ready to embark on the restoration of 1917 FWD I wonder has anyone in the States used a domestic supplier for replacement of hard rubber tires with polyurethane? I know that Tim has in the UK. thanks


The Company that we uses is an ordinary commercial company who specialise in replacing tyres on standard factory equipment such as Fork Lift Trucks and similar vehicles that only work in an internal type of Factory environment. They were able to specify the correct type of Poly for our purpose on the lorries.


There must be similar companies in the USA - and start off looking for one of those! The first wheels that we ever did, we stripped off all the old rubber ourselves - not a nice job - but the company that we have used since has a facility to do that and they did that for us on the Dennis wheels and also the rear Thorny wheels!


Good luck!



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