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vehicle history - Land rover series 1 - MOS


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I recently joined in the hope of finding more information out about the history of my Series 1 land rover.


the land rover RGX654 chassis number 111700948 belonged to the Ministry of supply from new in 1956 and was we believe a fire tender at Royal Navy armament depot Dalbeattie in Scotland, this site closed in 1960 and I think the land rover may have been sold by the MOS possibly in 1964 as this is the date the DVLA have the earliest record of and from other research the earliest known civilian keeper of the vehicle acquired it in the 60's so guessing this was maybe when he got it.

from about 1970 onwards I have a fairly complete history as it was in only one family who is known to me


so really im looking for any information of where the land rover was between its dispatch from the factory new in 1956 to when it was disposed of by the MOS into civilian ownership some time in the 1960's


I have requested information from London archives as the RGX registration was a London one but they have no records left of first registration for most vehicles. I also wrote to the MOD who could not find any reference of it.


if anyone has any ideas of where I could find any information or has any records they could look at or I could come and look at to try any piece together the areas I don't know it would be very much appreciated.




thank you


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thank you for your reply, shame you didn't have any further details.

I will attach a photo of RGX654 . it doesn't have any fire kit left with it now the only remains are the call sign Crash 6 on the bulkhead and a mains electric powered coolant/engine block heater and some holes where other equipment was bolted on.

it has been repainted in green but was originally red as this is the colour under the green.

the landy.jpg

if you ever hear of any other details of it let me know



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